Statement of Purpose

Issue date 5th July 2022

Statement of Purpose


This document summarises information about the Company for our Customers, their families, friends, advocates, formal and informal carers, other representatives of our Customers and potential users of our service.

Legal Status

Goldleaf Homecare is a Limited Company (registered company number 09297618)

Mission Statement

Our Company provides a range of solutions to individuals and families who need care and support within their own homes, enabling them to preserve their independence and dignity. We do this with dedication, integrity and compassion. We strive to develop and improve the services we offer, the solutions we deliver and the support we give to our staff and all those within the Company’s family.

Goldleaf provides flexible, community based care and support of the highest standard that promotes independence, dignity and choice, respecting the rights of people who use our services, providing them with the opportunity to live the life of their choosing regardless of age, sex, gender identity, marital status/civil partnership, religion or belief, race or disability and continually monitoring and striving to improve the services we offer, the solutions we deliver and the support we give to our Care/Support Workers and all employee’s within the Company.

Company Values

  • Respect for people
  • Passionate about Quality
  • Deliver positive outcomes

Our aims and objectives

We are committed to providing high quality domiciliary care services which enable our Customers to live in their own homes with tailored support, promoting and maintaining their independence for as long as possible. We continually strive to develop and innovate to ensure that our Customers are receiving the best in responsive, quality services, which maintain their independence and dignity.

We will:

  • Involve our Customers in planning a comprehensive and detailed individual assessment of needs, focusing on outcome based support, providing the Customer with a person centred support plan which reflects their individual assessment needs
  • Acknowledge the vital role of family carers and others involved in the lives of the people that use our services and will endeavour to support and work with these people as partners in the planning and delivery of services • Ensure Customers expectations of our services are met; this will include knowing who will deliver their service and when
  • Provide information to people that use our services in an appropriate manner or format which Customers can understand and acknowledge
  • Communicate with people that use our services in a respectful, dignified manner that Customers can understand and acknowledge
  • Ensure people that pay towards the cost of their service have a clear set of written terms and conditions detailing their obligations
  • Provide support for Care/Support Workers, and promote lifelong learning and investment in their continuous professional development

 Principles of our service

Customers have the right to expect:

  • Personalised support appropriate to their identified needs delivered by staff whose education, experience, training and attitudes make them suitable for such a role and who will provide care in a dignified, respectful and outcome focused manner
  • To have their thoughts, opinions and attitudes respected and considered
  • To have access to personal files and information held about them
  • To have access to the Goldleaf Homecare formal complaints procedure and to be represented by a relative, friend, advisor and/or advocate if required
  • To have their values, beliefs and chosen lifestyles always respected
  • To have access to an interpreter or interpreting/signing service if required
  • To have their personal dignity always respected irrespective of any physical or cognitive considerations
  • To be encouraged to be as independent as possible including positive risk taking and to live a preferred lifestyle which is, as far as possible, focused on their personal choice and control
  • To have the right to say who will and who will not enter their home
  • To remain living in their own home for as long as it is their wish to do so
  • To have personal privacy for their belongings and their affairs
  • To be recognised as an individual making their own decisions on matters which affect them, and to participate, where possible (with the help of a friend/ advocate/ relative if so desired), in the planning of their care plan, reviewing the care delivered and agreeing the format/content of their personalised plan of care
  • To remain in contact with personal friends, relatives and religious representatives of individual faiths and to be supported, if required, in maintaining such relationships and arrangements
  • That Goldleaf Homecare will recognise and fully understand the needs and rights of their relatives, friends, advocates, formal and informal carers
  • To never be discriminated against for any reason, including but not limited to race, age, culture, nationality, religion, sex, sexual orientation, physical and cognitive considerations
  • That Goldleaf Homecare will recruit and retain a sufficient ratio of staff to meet service demands
  • That Goldleaf Homecare will employ competent and trustworthy staff, to in include conducting a Criminal Records Check
  • That Goldleaf Homecare will recruit self-motivated staff who will be provided with on-going supervision, guidance, training and, where funding is available, support to obtain relevant professional qualifications

Person-Centred Services

 We will:

  • Plan and develop personalised support plans detailing personal beliefs, preferences and outcomes identified for the Customer receiving the service
  • Respect the Customers wishes in decisions regarding their service package including when it is delivered and by whom;
  • Provide information in a format of the Customer’s preferred style and/or language
  • Acknowledge the value of informal carers and others in the lives of the people that use our services
  • Observe holistic approaches in relation to person centred services


We will:

  • Develop each service in the context of what the Customer can do, not what they cannot
  • Aim to create a climate in the delivery of care which fosters positive attitudes in those around the Customer which focus on capacities, not disabilities
  • Value each person we support as a whole, aspiring to meet not only their physical needs but also their emotional, psychological and social needs
  • Encourage and support people who use our services to be as independent as possible and to carry out their own support tasks where possible
  • Support the people that use our service to live the life they choose even when this involves risk; informed risk taking is an important part of personal fulfilment and independence
  • Alleviate loneliness and isolation by encouraging those who we support to engage with family and friends, and to participate in social inclusion within their community
  • Encourage Customers to take on as much responsibility as possible for their own care and management of their medication



 The Company will respect the right of people that use our service to live the life of their choosing regardless of age, sex, gender identity, marital status or civil partnership, religion or belief, race, sexuality or disability.

Dignity, privacy and respect

We will:

  • Ensure that any records of the service provided are only disclosed to those with a legitimate reason to know the information they contain
  • Allow Customer’s access to their personal records in keeping with current legislation
  • Promote the dignity, privacy and human rights of people that use our service, minimising any feelings of inadequacy, inferiority and vulnerability which Customer may experience
  • Address Customers in the manner of their choosing
  • Respect the right of Customer’s in choosing the gender of their support worker
  • Treat people who use our service with consideration, courtesy and respect
  • Handle personal information with care, sharing such information with the Customer’s consent only where necessary. Personal information will be shared with the Customer’s best interest and personal safety in mind
  • Only enter Customer’s rooms within their property only with their express consent
  • Respect that all Customers’ possessions are private, and instruct staff in accordance with the principle that they are guests within the Customers home
  • Recognise that Customers have a right to conduct confidential conversations without being overheard or observed by a Care/Support Worker
  • Safeguard people that use our services against abuse by identifying risks before they arise and by responding quickly and appropriately to any concerns, in compliance with current legislation
  • Ensure that equipment used in the delivery of our services is fit for purpose, safely operated, and used in a way that promotes dignity and independence
  • Support Customers to keep well-nourished and hydrated, and supported in the enjoyment of food and drink in a dignified manner
  • Provide Customers with respect that reinforces personhood, responding to specific cultural demands and requirements that aim to maintain Customer/staff relationships that are trust based but appropriate to the relationship of employee to Customer.

 Maintaining service standards

Goldleaf Homecare is committed to ensuring that services continue to meet Customer’s needs. Throughout our service provision we ensure that we have a systematic, on-going monitoring process. Delivering a high-quality service is one of our main priorities; we achieve this through a number of ways.


We will:

  • Maintain comprehensive accurate records of the services delivered and of the people whom we support
  • Handle such records in accordance with relevant law and recognised good practice
  • Continually review our services to ensure that the support we provide is based on current best practice
  • Continually monitor the quality of services using a range of methods, mainly by talking to the people we support, but also formally via Telephone Monitoring reviews, Customer Reviews which are undertaken face to face, completion of annual quality assurance questionnaires, annual updates of assessments and care plans unless this is required earlier
  • Ensure that Customers are aware of how to make a complaint and feel comfortable using the complaints procedure
  • Ensure that any complaints are dealt with quickly and effectively
  • Measure the success of each service in terms of whether personal outcomes have been met
  • Have risk based contingency plans to ensure continuity of service
  • Maintain systems for dealing effectively and efficiently with emergencies


Locations in England are registered to provide the Regulated Activity of Personal Care under the Service Type of Domiciliary Care.

  • Learning Disabilities or Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • Older People
  • Younger Adults
  • Children and Young People
  • Mental Health • Physical Disabilities
  • Sensory Impairment
  • Dementia/ Cognitive Impairments
  • People who misuse drugs and alcohol
  • People with eating disorders


Goldleaf Homecare is a Limited Company Solar House, 282 Chase Road, London, N14 6NZ 


Head office:  43 Highbridge street Waltham Abbey Essex EN9 1BD



01908 039530


Mandeesh Nandhra  Managing Director