We have made purchasing for your care needs simple and straightforward. As all private care packages are tailored to suit your Individual needs, we have put together a basic price guide for the various services we provide.

A member of our care Team will explain exactly what is covered when a free confidential assessment is carried out to achieve the best possible care for you.

Contact us to arrange your free confidential assessment at a time that is convenient and will suit you. We will always make sure that you are fully aware of all costs before starting any service and having an assessment does not mean that you are obliged or committed to accepting our services.

Prices vary according to what service is being provided.

Financial Assessment

If you require support in your home then you may be entitled to some financial support. You can contact social services who will make arrangements to visit you in your home to carry out a financial assessment to determine how much (if anything) you have to pay towards your care. How much funding you receive is determined by a care needs assessment. A support plan will be created by you or with the help of social services and when this is approved, the amount of money you receive will be agreed. Audit checks will be carried out following payments to ensure the funds are being used in accordance with your support plan.

Following the financial assessment social services may be able to make a contribution to enable you to access your care needs. It may be that you will need to contribute also.

For example:

Mrs A needs assistance in the mornings for an hour, weekly cost is £136.50. Social services may contribute £105 into a dedicated bank account, so there for you would need to contribute the balance of ££31.50 into the same account. This is generally called a top up.

Direct Payment

A Direct payment is a cash amount of money paid to an individual to help them live in the way that they have identified in their support plan. The support plan identifies how the customer would like to spend their annual Personal Budget fund as agreed by Essex County Council. The direct payment allows the individual to arrange and manage their own care and purchase the services they want to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q* When will the service start?

A * The service will start, once you have agreed with what will be provided, the cost and a suitable member of staff has been selected. An agreed date will be made between the person carrying out the assessment and yourself.

Q* Can I cancel the service at any time?

A * Yes you can, sufficient notice must be given as detailed in your statement of Terms

Q * What if I don’t get on with my carer?

A* There will be times when personalities are not compatible, if you are unhappy with your carer you have the right to make the office aware and if the issue cannot be resolved, then arrangements will be made for a new member of staff to support you.

Q* Will I be safe having someone in my home?

A* Yes; All our staff are police checked and been through a vetting procedure before they have been able to start work with GoldLeaf. They will carry I.D badges with them at all times, which will have their name and photo on it and wear a uniform which has the company logo . If you are in any doubt, do not let them in and call the office.

Q What if I want to make changes, such as times or days?

A* People’s needs change quite often and therefore we at GoldLeaf hold regular reviews with our clients to ensure that the service being provided is meeting their needs. We promote feedback from you and your family on how the service provided is working and changes may be necessary.

Q Is there anything that the carer is not allowed to do?

A* Once an assessment has been completed and a Summary support plan produced, with your full agreement, then the carer will endeavour to complete all the tasks. If there is something else you would like them to do then a phone call to the office to liaise with the care co-ordinator or Manager would be normal procedure.

Q* What if my carer doesn`t stay their full time?

A* Before a carer leaves your premises, they will ask you to sign a record of their visit, which will have the time they arrived and time they leave recorded. They will ask you for a signature , please always check what is recorded and if there is a discrepancy you can ask them to change it before you sign, or don`t sign and contact the office.

Q How do I pay for the service provided?

A* You will be sent an invoice weekly and can either pay by cheque or by contacting the office to set up a standing order.

Q* Can I get help with my payments?

A* This depends on your financial circumstances, the office will be able to give you contact details of your local social services, who would then be able to advise you.

Q* Is there someone to speak to contact when the office is closed?

A* Yes there is an out of hours mobile Number (07493 081445), where you will be able to speak to the responsible person on call at the time of your call. If your query is not urgent then please wait until the office is open, where someone will assist you.



Please phone or email us regarding care for yourself or relative.  Alternatively pop into our office to speak to a member of the team.

We will arrange a convenient time for you where we can carry out an assessment and discuss your requirements.

There is no pressure to decide, if or when you are comfortable the office team will arrange for a start date. You obviously have the choice to meet your carer before and feel relaxed. All payments are paid before, either by electronic bank transfer or cash. This can be collected from your address or if preferred you can pay directly to the office. Unfortunately card payment methods are not accepted.

Relax and enjoy living in your own home, we will take care of the rest.